Do you want to drill a borehole in your yet to be or completed home and don’t even know what to search or where to ask for borehole drilling estimation? It’s very difficult to find the exact price of borehole drilling in Nigeria that’s why we’ve decided to write a very short article to tell you the cost of borehole drilling in Nigeria.

You should be aware that this price corresponds to the cost of borehole drilling across other states in Nigeria. Like the Imo state, Ibadan, Enugu, Kaduna, and Lagos respectively.

Water is indispensable and no doubt the best gift nature has to offer because we happen to use it every day of our life. So the existence of water cannot be overemphasized. We drink water, of course, use it to bathe, to wash, and do all sorts of things. Hence, the reason why people fetch and store water in gallons and drugs in Nigeria.

In our country, Nigeria – if you do not have a constant source of water supply, you will definitely be at a disadvantage. So this brings about the necessity of drilling a borehole or digging a well in your home.

borehole drilling price in Nigeria

While we aren’t against digging a well, the disadvantage of it weighs more than when you drill a borehole. First, it’s more expensive and secondly, it is old-fashioned. We shouldn’t forget that most death cases of small children falling into a well have seen this method of water storage go extinct these days.

Depending on how far the water is at the ground surface, water boreholes are drilled from a range of a hundred to two hundred feet. Due to the manpower and equipment involved, the drilling process could be expensive as labour, electricity to power the drilling equipment are all added up when summing up the monetary costs.

The cost of drilling a borehole in Nigeria today varies from state to state. For instance, we can beat our chest to tell you that the cost of drilling a borehole in the South East is more expensive than what it would cost you in the South West. But not to worry, we are an expert in borehole drilling, and on this page, you will find out exactly, how much it would cost you to drill a borehole in Nigeria this 2020.

Cost of Borehole drilling in Nigeria

Depending on the drilling process, location, and manpower involved, borehole drilling can cost between NNG120,000 to NGN500,000 on average especially if you live in states like Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ibadan, etc.

For those who reside in the southeast like Anambra, Imo, and Enugu state, the price ranges from NGN500,000 and NGN3,000,000 to drill a borehole in Nigeria.

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Now that you know how much it can cost you to drill a borehole in your area, you can help share this post so other home owners in your Facebook and Whatsapp timeline can see. Who knows if our customers are on your list. Let us help you drill your next home borehole, we are available anytime and any day to drill a borehole. It’s what we know how to do best!

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    How much will it cost to drill a borehole in Ibadan, Osogbo, or Okenne?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mr. Olapade

  2. Please, what’s the estimate cost of drilling a borehole in Ibadan and how many days will it take?

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